8 more ways to lose weight without trying too hard

1. ‘Baby steps’ If you have a lot of weight to lose it can be overwhelming to think about how much you want to lose in total. Break it down and think about what you want to achieve in a smaller time frame. It can also be useful not to focus on weight so much, but just eating more healthily and getting some exercise. Start with increasing the amount of plant-based foods you eat. Increase your intake of fruits, veggies, pulses and whole grains, nuts and seeds and cut back on the processed foods and animal foods.

2. Think colour! Sometimes you have to keep food in the house that you rather wasn’t there, because of the temptation. If you have food at home for other people, which you don’t want to eat, placing red stickers or stop signs can help. Studies have been carried out which show that the colour red helps increase healthy decisions because it slows down automatic impulses.

3. It’s not about being perfect. If you have a momentary lapse don’t look at it too negatively. Everyone strays from eating well occasionally. One hiccup won’t affect long term weight loss. The important thing to do is to decide what it is you would like, eat it, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty! If you try to deny a craving it is quite possible that you will end up eating twice as many calories in other foods.

4. Get the balance right to lose weight and boost your metabolism – your plate should typically contain around 50% of different types of veggies and always ensure there are some leafy greens. Veggies can be raw, steamed or roasted. You need some protein too, about 30-40% of your plate so something like beans, lentils, chickpeas and tofu, along with a few nuts and seeds. The rest should be whole grains, things like quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice (the right type of carbs!), or some starchy veg such as sweet potato.

5. Practice mindfulness. Mindful eating is easy to put into practice. Simply slow down, chew more, enjoy the food and company. All it takes is making sure that you are intentional with your food consumption.

6. Track what you eat. This isn’t right for everyone, but many people find using an app is helpful in making them more aware of what and how much they’re eating. You can also track your exercise this way too. There are lots of free apps available such as myfitnesspal.com. Another useful one is edoapp.co.uk which gives you more info on what you’re eating and how to make healthier choices.

7. Make some simple swaps. If you always have a bar of chocolate as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, to go with your coffee try having a piece of fruit with some nuts to accompany a caffeine-free drink. Caffeine and sugar put extra stress on your system, which is not what anyone wants and is especially unhelpful when you want to lose weight. We often associate certain foods with certain drinks too so it can be helpful to break the association and the habit.

8. Have a chat! If you’re ready to tackle your yo-yo dieting for good, so you feel happier and more confident then I would love to chat. If you want to finally stop yo-yo dieting, lose weight and keep it off without counting calories and missing out on delicious foods then book a call with me today. Clicking on this link takes you to my online calendar where you can choose a time to suit you. Once you have booked your call you will receive a confirmation email and further information about what we will cover on the call.

This is how one of my clients feels after working with me. This could be you too!

“Coral has given me the tools to let me see how to take control and make the changes. I say this because you need to actually want to make some changes, you need to be prepared to change old habits, you need to be able to listen and follow advice and suggestions, no matter how alien they may seem at the time. My lifestyle changes were small and manageable and more importantly, realistic.”

I would love to know in the comments what you think of these and if there are any you plan to implement.

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