My 9 simple tips to stay on track this Christmas

T’is the season to be……

Well as the carol goes it should be ‘jolly’. But how many of you find it all a bit stressful? Extra alcohol, lack of routine, lots of food being offered to you, plus the stress of doing so much and worrying about everyone else can play havoc on your healthy eating.

Here are 9 tips to help you to stay on track and healthy into the New Year:

1) Plan your food – just as you would any week of the year. The odd day here and there is not going to make a huge difference. A lot of people class Christmas as Christmas Eve and Boxing Day as well as Christmas Day. But it’s not the whole of December.

Christmas, as in what’s in the shops and restaurants, starts very early. It seems to get earlier every year, so there can be a lot of additional temptation around. This can extend the time you could be eating less than optimally.

2) Each time you’re offered party nibbles, a mince pie, piece of cake, homemade biscuits, chocolate, ask yourself is it actually Christmas? Any other day should be pretty much business as usual.

3) Get some exercise. Even though your usual routine may end up going out of the window make a point of not just sitting eating and watching TV all the time.  Even if it’s just getting out for a walk. You can make it a family occasion or get together with friends.

4) Before going to a party have plenty of water. It’s easy to confuse thirst with hunger.

5) If you drink alcohol try alternating every alcoholic drink with sparkling water or soda.

6) Keep away from the nibbles! It can be difficult to stop once you’ve started and they’ll make you thirsty because of all the salt.

7) If there are certain special indulgences you want to eat then take the time to enjoy them and to really savour the taste. That way you are less likely to overeat.  

8) Don’t go hungry - fill up on healthy foods before you go. A handful of almonds are a great snack – containing healthy fats, fibre and protein.

9) Have some mints before and during the party – as well as keeping your breath fresh they will help you to not keep reaching for the nibbles.

And, if you do overdo it a bit don’t beat yourself up. This time of year is particularly challenging. You can decide to start afresh any day of the week. It’s important to keep a perspective and look at the bigger picture regarding your health and wellbeing. If you’re eating a wholefood plant-based diet 80-90% of the time, then the odd mince pie and bowl of crisps is not going to make a big difference!

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Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful Christmas.