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Coral was consistently in touch with me along my health and fitness journey and I felt comforted by her encouragement. I got down to my target weight and felt so much healthier and happier with myself.
— Georgia, Manchester

I'm a yo-yo dieter, I want to lose weight and keep it off this time

Have you achieved success in the past, only to undo your hard work later down the line?

Has maintaining your weight loss been too difficult before because you lacked the support you needed?

Well you’re in the right place!

I am here to help you to deal with those times when things don’t go to plan, move on and keep on track. The focus will be on techniques that you can adopt for the rest of your life. These will be invaluable to you, especially when faced with various challenging situations. 

Be free from making constant decisions about food because you will become much more aware of what is healthful and good to eat. No food will be off limits but as you start to eat better you will no longer be at the mercy of cravings. You will stop relying on willpower because you will no longer have to make decisions about whether to eat something or not.

No gimmicks, no special shakes or bars, just sensible, healthy eating!

We will do this, together, through:

Regular phone calls and emails so we can talk through your current lifestyle and eating habits, what struggles you face, what your goals are, how I can help you and ways to keep you on track. We’ll chat about your progress, celebrate your successes, set new goals and discuss any difficulties you have had.

Talking about what you‘re currently eating so we can discuss where it will be possible to make positive changes.  This will help you to know whether you are eating enough of the right foods and maybe too many of the less healthy options.

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Meal plans so you can see clearly the variety of foods you can eat and those ones to limit, in order for you to achieve gradual and sustained weight loss.

Creating strategies to keep you focussed on your short-term goals and what you ultimately want to achieve.

You'll also be given meal and snack ideas, healthier food swaps, ways to keep those cravings at bay, and lots of other top tips and advice to keep you on track.

What you’ll get:

Kick-Start To Success Consultation Call
To dive deep into what you have tried before, what has worked and what hasn’t worked for you. 
We’ll talk through what you can start to adopt one step at a time.
Agree goals based around your values and aspirations. 

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Full detailed analysis of your food diary, so we can see what you need the most help with.


Personalised 7-day plant-based meal plans with shopping lists designed to take account of your food tastes and lifestyle. You will know exactly what you should be eating in order to achieve healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Unlimited email access so you are completely supported throughout your journey.

6 private accountability and support calls every 2 weeks to discuss: 
what's going well
what's been difficult
increasing your motivation when life gets in the way
developing a better relationship with food
increasing your understanding about why you have been overeating and chosen unhealthy foods

All to keep you moving forward towards your goal :-)

My Platinum Programme is £587 and runs for 12 weeks. It is individual coaching so you get all the support you need, to help you to achieve your ideal weight and to stay there, so you finally feel confident and believe in yourself again.

To find out more and to discover whether my PLATINUM PROGRAMME is the right fit for you please book a call with me today.