I've tried to lose weight before but it's just been too difficult

You’ve been on a diet before and made progress but then slipped back in to your old ways. In the past you have had every intention of exercising again, or you’ve started, only to give up after a few weeks.

Does this sound like you? If so, don’t worry, you are in the right place! It’s really very common for people to drop out of a new diet or exercise plan in the first three months. This is often because the diet is too time consuming and so restrictive that it’s just not sustainable.

This package will give you an increased level of regular support and is designed to get you through those tricky initial months, so you can create the right mindset going forward.

We’ll look at your diet and help you start making healthier food choices – without dieting!

We will help you incorporate more activity in to your day. It doesn’t have to mean dragging yourself to a gym you don’t want to go to or doing something like running, which you may hate.

No gimmicks, no special shakes or bars, just sensible, healthy eating!

We will do this, together, through:

Skype consultation calls, talking through your current lifestyle and eating habits, what struggles you face, what your goals are, how I can help you and ways to keep you on track. We’ll chat about your progress, celebrate your successes, set new goals and discuss any difficulties you have had.

Talking about what you‘re currently eating so we can discuss where it will be possible to make positive changes.  This will help you to know whether you are eating enough of the right foods and maybe too many of the less healthy options.

Creating strategies to keep you focussed on your short-term goals and what you ultimately want to achieve.

You'll also be given meal and snack ideas, healthier food swaps, ways to keep those cravings at bay, and lots of other top tips and advice to keep you on track.

What you’ll get:

Initial in-depth call

Two hours of progress calls each month, these can be divided up in a way to suit you

woman on hills.jpg

Weekly check-in emails in between calls

Analysis of your food diary and recommendations to ensure you are eating the right way

Calorie counted meal plans to take all the guesswork out

Relevant resources as and when needed

Minimum 3 months commitment

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