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Coral has helped to kick start me back into healthy eating after comfort eating since my father became ill and then passed away.
— F Campbell

I want to lose weight but just don't know where to start

This package is ideal if you want to lose a bit of weight but you just don’t know where to begin.

You’ll learn how to have a healthier attitude towards food, become more active and value yourself again. We will agree on a few simple changes, step-by-step, that you can build on to create lasting habits.

No gimmicks, no special shakes or bars, just sensible, healthy eating!

We will do this, together, through:

Skype consultation calls, talking through your current lifestyle and eating habits, what struggles you face, what your goals are, how we can help you and ways to keep you on track. We’ll chat about your progress, celebrate your successes, set new goals and discuss any difficulties you have had.

Talking about what you‘re currently eating so we can discuss where it will be possible to make positive changes.  This will help you to know whether you are eating enough of the right foods and maybe too many of the less healthy options.

You'll also be given meal and snack ideas, healthier food swaps, ways to keep those cravings at bay, and lots of other top tips and advice to keep you on track.


What you’ll get:

SMART Goal Setting Call - where we will set your specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and time-based goals to achieve your target weight.

Review of your food diary and simple ways to improve your diet with plant-based foods.

Fact sheets, handy hints and top tips on subjects such as motivation, simple food swaps, eating out, fibre, fat and protein.

Practical ways to eat healthier and get moving

30 min weekly progress calls and check-in emails, in between calls to:
check how you are getting on with the goals you have set
reset your goals to keep moving forward

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