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Lose weight and keep it off, without counting calories and missing out on delicious food

The Zest Health ‘Plant-Based Formula’ Online Group Programme Wait List

The Zest Health: Plant-Based Formula Programme will be opening for enrolment soon. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list and receive further information while you wait for the next enrolment period just email

Rave reviews:

‘I would definitely recommend this to friends and family who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and, at the same time, have the benefit of losing weight and feeling more in control of their diet.’ - Vicky
‘I love how it differs from “diets” and is about progressive changes and understanding the habits and reasons we go for certain foods. I would definitely recommend the programme for anyone who has struggled with diets before.’ – Evelyn
This is the most amazing program. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and is interested in a more plant based lifestyle - Sue
The programme is informative, and importantly it helps you change your mindset around food and exercise. As emotional eating can cause you to come off track, and it is important to understand why this occurs. It contains valuable information in relation to changing your dietary habits, not is it only about losing weight but also how to continue with a healthy lifestyle. - Jane
I would recommend this programme. Coral is supportive and genuinely cares about helping people on their healthy plant based journey. This is different to other weight loss programs. It helps you to identify why you over eat. It makes you realise it’s not just about getting thinner, it’s important to be healthy and sustain this lifestyle too. – Georgina