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Are you ready to change?

The Zest Health ‘Plant-Based Formula’ Online Group Programme Wait List

The Zest Health: Plant-Based Formula Programme will be opening for enrolment soon. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list and receive further information while you wait for the next enrolment period just email and we can arrange a call.

Lose weight and keep it off, without counting calories and missing out on delicious food

What needs to happen for you to lose weight naturally and healthily, and for it to stay off?

If you are like most people wanting to lose weight, you:

  • Will have tried diets – a lot of them, they’ve worked until you’ve stopped doing them

  • Feel unhappy and have no confidence

  • Start off well and then ‘fall off the wagon’, feel guilty, then start dieting again

  • Hate the way you look

  • Have no energy

  • Worry about your health

But you don’t know what to do and how to do it. Sound familiar? NOT ANY MORE!

If you’ve struggled with your weight, tried all the diets, confused by all the information out there then I am here to help you!

In just 6 weeks you will:

  • Feel more confident

  • Have more energy

  • Learn to enjoy being active again

  • Discover simple meals and snacks

  • Be inspired and motivated to make the changes you need to

  • Learn how to be more mindful about food

  • Save money

  • Stop the cravings

  • Understand why you overeat and what you can do about it

This could be the one thing that makes a difference to your health, now and for the future.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Week 1: Let’s Dive In

The how, why and what of plant-based eating


Discover what eating plant-based can do for your health, how you don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen and why it’s not just about your weight!

  • Learn about 11 amazing reasons to eat plant-based

  • Why diets don’t work and what you can do instead

  • Why you shouldn’t just focus on your weight

  • Meal plan and simple, tasty, recipes


Week 2: Plant-Based Nutrition 101

All you need to know to eat a balanced diet

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There is so much out there about there to confuse you about nutrition and weight loss – low-fat, low-carb, keto, paleo, etc., etc. Learn how a plant-based diet is the best for not only weight loss but for long-term health.

  • Carbs, fat and protein - why you need them and where to get them from

  • How and what to eat so you don’t overeat

  • Drinking enough water – when you don’t like water!


Week 3: Plan like a Pro

Meal planning to save you time, money and calories


Find out how meal planning can save you time, money and calories without spending hours in the kitchen and shopping.  Plus, how to ensure eating out doesn’t derail you and how to become a label detective.

  • Meal planning made easy

  • How to stick to your goals when eating out

  • Discover the truth behind the claims on food packaging


Week 4: Getting Off the Roller Coaster

How to ditch emotional eating

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Find out what you can do to help yourself when you’ve had a bad day and reach for the wine/chocolate/biscuits/crisps (delete as appropriate)

  • Keeping a food and mood diary

  • Strategies for when those pesky cravings hit

  • Why it might be to do with your hormones and how to help yourself


Week 5: Staying on Track

‘We are what we think’

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Change the way you think about yourself and how you think about food. Learn the power of goal setting to achieve your dreams.

  • The power of positive words and thoughts

  • How to set goals that work

  • Rethinking food as a treat


Week 6: Exercise to Improve Your Sleep

Why exercise and sleep are crucial to your weight loss and health

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Forget PE days from school and learn to love being active again! Plus, the importance of those zzzz’s and how not getting enough can really impact successful weight loss.

  • How to be active when you think you have no time for exercise

  • Hate the gym? So do I! How to get fit without ever stepping inside one

  • Why sleep is so important to your weight loss efforts

Rave reviews:

I would definitely recommend this to friends and family who are looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and, at the same time, have the benefit of losing weight and feeling more in control of their diet.- Vicky
I love how it differs from “diets” and is about progressive changes and understanding the habits and reasons we go for certain foods. I would definitely recommend the programme for anyone who has struggled with diets before. - Evelyn
This is the most amazing program. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to lose weight and is interested in a more plant based lifestyle - Sue
The programme is informative, and importantly it helps you change your mindset around food and exercise. As emotional eating can cause you to come off track, and it is important to understand why this occurs. It contains valuable information in relation to changing your dietary habits, not is it only about losing weight but also how to continue with a healthy lifestyle. - Jane R
I would recommend this programme. Coral is supportive and genuinely cares about helping people on their healthy plant based journey. This is different to other weight loss programs. It helps you to identify why you over eat. It makes you realise it’s not just about getting thinner, it’s important to be healthy and sustain this lifestyle too. - Georgina
“After completing the programme I have experienced some weight loss already but for me it’s more about the long-term changes that will create ongoing weight loss and better overall health in the future. You can only benefit from this program as it is all such healthy advice from a teacher who is very passionate and knowledgeable and who only has your best interests at heart.” Jane M