I want you to be successful in achieving your weight-loss goals.

Zest Health uses 5 principles of success -

Mindset - it’s so important to have the right attitude towards food and I can help you develop and practise this.

Support - often people struggle to lose weight because they do not have the support they need. That’s where Zest Health comes in: non-judgemental and encouraging support, all the way.

Nutrition - food should be a joy but it should also give your body the right nutrients to feel as good as you can now, and in the future. That’s why I advocate a plant-based diet.

Cardio - this is any exercise that raises your heart rate - it could be something as simple as a brisk walk, playing with your children in the park or doing a quick home workout. It doesn’t have to mean going to some daunting gym.

Resistance training - this is particularly important as you get older. You start to lose muscle mass from your 30s, so if you don’t use it you’ll lose it! The good news is the more muscle you have the better your body’s ability to burn fat.    

I will talk you through the importance of all of these in achieving the healthy body you want.


A bit about me:

Hi, my name is Coral Sirett and I am based in the UK. Healthy eating and nutrition have been passions of mine for many years. I have seen first-hand how healthy eating and regular exercise has radically changed the way I feel about myself and I really want to help others achieve the same great results.

As well as being qualified to advise on healthy eating and nutrition* I have also carried out extensive research, both from academic sources and from clients, around the difficulties with behaviour change. Many people know what they should be doing but can’t quite get themselves to start doing it. Why is that? I also understand that many people struggling with their weight eat when they are stressed, upset or bored. I love to be able to help those people break the cycle of emotional eating and have a better relationship with food. It’s also great to be able to help those who are just not eating as well as they should and therefore not feeling the best they can, getting them back on track eating foods that not only taste great but are nourishing too.

Putting this all together means I have tons of advice and loads of support to give you, plus various techniques and tools, which have helped so many others. I use a client-centred approach, which means we discuss and agree what changes you are going to make on a week-by-week basis. This is so important for making the sustainable changes that will become new habits for the rest of your life.

If you are someone looking for an alternative to the myriad diets and diet products out there and you want to invest in a healthier future by taking control of your eating and exercise habits I would love to hear from you!

*I hold an Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management which is accredited by City and Guilds and certified by the Association for Nutrition, which means I can provide sound nutritional and weight-loss advice. I also hold a Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate from eCornell and T Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.


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